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The Science Of Being teachings have been honored, by its readers, with the title “The most powerful knowledge ever put into written form for the public with regard to the scientific and spiritual advancement and Liberation for Humankind.” The Author of these lessons, Eugene Fersen, ‘The Teacher of the Teachers,’ launched in his time the greatest ‘Human Potential Movement’ that would become what he termed in 1923, the Inspiration for the “New Age” of enlightenment.

It is our mission here at the Lightbearers World Center and Lightbearers College, to provide our community with an inspiring and supportive learning environment that presents our students with sustainable life changing tools.   Now there are two divisions to the Lightbearers College:

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  • Webinar Courses and Private Instruction with certified instructors.
  • Free College Study Library is an open learning center full of enlightening material.







Whenever taking on a new spiritual practice, listen to the voice of your Higher-Self, which Eugene first termed, the “Real You”. You are the director and the playwright of your life, a caretaker of Humanity’s child-- the Earth, and a central figure in the whole of creation. We celebrate your unique life, learning, and your spiritual progress.

Once Humanity comes to “Know Thyself,” and the wisdom that empowers and liberates their lives, Humankind will come to understand that they have never been powerless on this planet. Once the people of this World embody these Truths, they will once again become unstoppable forces for the vital transformation of this heavenly planet, Earth.



“May The Flame Of Love Always Light Your Way”
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